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IW Tele-boom Series


These multiple section telescoping boom articulating aerial devices are used in combination with the Translink Insulator Washer Skid units and water tanks to give fully integrated Insulator Washer Boom Trucks capable of washing insulators up to 500kV.

The Tele-Boom and the Insulator Washer comply with the IEEE-957 international standards.

The Translink Live Line Insulator Washer Tele-Boom Series mounts onto a wide range of 3 and 4 axle chassis types to suit all applications.

Available with a skid mounted insulator washer pump, engine module and removable water storage tank with up to 10,000 litre capacity.

Comes in 3 main tele-boom options at 30; 37 and 44m nozzle heights to allow washing up to 51m.

Tele-Boom Series Specifications
Tele-Boom Model Code IW-300 IW-370 IW-440
Nozzle Height 30m 37m 44m
Max Washing Height 37m 44m 51m
Lateral Nozzle Reach 10m 10m 10m
Number Of Boom Sections 4 5 6
Max Boom Angle 80o 80o 85o
Min Boom Angle -10o -10o -10o
Nozzle Pressure PSI 550 550 550
Rotation Continuous 360o 360o 360o
Stowed Travel Length 10m 10.5m 11.25
Stowed Travel Height 4m 4m 4m


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